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The British Museum and Harrods

On our first full day in London we visited the British Museum. We took a guided tour, which I highly recommend because the museum is so large that it’s overwhelming unless you’re a history buff.

British MuseumThere’s a very nice gift shop in the center of the museum. I’ve always had a hard time buying souvenirs to bring home for family and friends. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just always worry if I buy something early in the trip then I’ll come across something later in the trip that would’ve been better for them, and on a limited budget I wouldn’t be able to buy both. I’m also not a big fan of knick knacks, I like practical gifts that people are going to be able to use.

So I cheated. I shopped online at places like the British Museum gift
shop to get ideas of what we would be coming across, for instant I had already decided that I wanted an umbrella from Harrod’s in London, I thought it would be very fitting and every time I use it I think about our trip.


As luck would have it Harrod’s was our next stop. Even if shopping isn’t high on your list of things to do, you have to see the food hall at Harrod’s. It’s gorgeous and mind-boggling the variety and amount of food. Anything and everything you can imagine is there and a lot of stuff you never imagined. Of course being surrounded by all that food made us suddenly very hungry.

There’s no shortage of restaurants to choose from, we decided on the Tea Room. I ordered a platter of tea sandwiches and little pastries with a cappuccino. Hubby ordered the duck which was also delicious. It was a bit of splurge but totally worth it. It was very fancy and fun to pretend that we lived like that on a daily basis.

Something exciting happened on the way to Harrod’s, we were stopped and asked for directions, this would happen to us a few times during the trip which thrilled me because where ever I go in the world, I love to blend in, I hate looking like a tourist.

Here’s a few pictures of us eating at Harrod’s, do I look like a Londoner?

IMG_0315_2IMG_0316_2 IMG_0317_2