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The Globe and Borough Market

Our Second Day in London Bakery GoodiesThe Fabulous Cronut
Whoever said breakfast is the most important meal of the day was right, however I don’t think they were thinking of Cronuts when they said it. If you haven’t yet experienced the croissant/donut combination you are really missing out. We tried out first in a little bakery on Connaught St. It had flaky, layers of dough and icing and was too good for words. Some people might consider this small but I assure you it was so sweet I almost couldn’t eat it all.

The Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Now for all you history buffs, let me clarify and say, no, this isn’t the original Globe Theatre. The original burned in 1633, however this theatre was painstakingly recreated by a man names Sam Wanamaker.

The Globe Stage
Tours were 13.50 pounds for each adult and was well worth the money, our tour guide really made the history come alive. The tour was about 30 minutes long and they welcomed questions at the end. We were so enthralled with the place we considered getting tickets to see a performance but the shows for the day were already sold out.

Borough Market

There were a few British meals that I knew I had to try, a meat pie and mushy peas were two items on the list. Borough Market was the perfect place to find both. If you want to sample some great local cuisine this is the spot for you. If you visit make sure you arrive hungry and bring someone who will share with you so you can sample more food. The prices are reasonable and the choices are abundant, make a few rounds before you settle on what you want, otherwise you might stumble upon something you really want to try but no longer have the room for.
Borough Market Borough Market