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Book of the Week 4/11/14

Book of the Week 4/11/14

I know this book is a few years old but I never got around to reading even though I really wanted to. So I decided to read this as part of Bookish Bingo! hoping that it qualifies for the book told by a child category. I loved this book from the moment I picked it up, the main character Lily is fourteen and has such a genuine honest voice when telling her story. I found the catalyst of the story, the event that set off Lily’s running away with her friend and caretaker Rosaleen a bit far-fetched in an otherwise great story, but then again I didn’t live in the south in the 1960’s so who am I to say Rosaleen wouldn’t have reacted the way she did to the three racist men which got her is so much trouble. This is one of those stories that you just want to sit outside on a sunny day and slowly meander through as you drink a glass of lemonade. I hope you enjoy it as well.


Book of the week – The Cow in the parking lot

Book of the week - The Cow in the parking lot

Book of the week – The Cow in the parking lot by Leonard Scheff and Susan Edmiston

How can you not pick up a book with a title like that. The brief foreword explains the meaning behind the title. If you’re in a crowded parking lot and someone cuts you off to take the parking space you were waiting for how do you feel? Angry, right? Now what if a cow came lumbering over and sat itself down in that same spot? You wouldn’t be angry, more likely you’d laugh and be amused. Why? Isn’t the outcome the same? You weren’t able to get that spot. It’s a great lesson and one I love to share with my friends and family who now laugh with me when I point out that the irritant in a situation is just a big old cow who doesn’t know any better.

The authors do a great job pointing out that we don’t have to get angry, we can make a different choice, and they explain exactly how we can do that. Acting on our anger never solves a problem,  it only escalates it and almost always makes us more angry. Read this book and take it’s advice because we can all use less anger in our lives.

Rivka's War by Marilyn Oser
Rivka’s War by Marilyn Oser

Wow, is it already that time of the week again? Do you have your weekend plans all set? Do you have a little time set aside for some good reading?

This week I highly recommend Rivka’s War by Marilyn Oser. Another great historical fiction novel, based in Russia during the beginning of World War One. The title character becomes part of a battalion of girls who are recruited to be an example for the demoralized men who are abandoning their posts because the war is going so badly. The book has some great historical detail and gives the Jewish perspective of the difficulties of living in Russia during that time period. I really enjoyed Rivka, she’s a very inspiring character while still being relatable. 

I hope you get the chance to check this book out, and if you do let me know what you thought of it.